Do you accept linx or visa at the salon?


Where are you located?

20 Henry Pierre street . Near Mucurapo Road St. James, Port-of Spain Trinidad.

How long in advance should I book an appointment?

During our top seasons such as Carnival, Christmas and school vacations one month to 3 weeks in advance. During our regular time periods throughout the year we advise that you book one to two weeks in advance. For Saturdays however, a minimum of 3 weeks or the top of the month you desire.

How should I prepare my hair for a braid service?

We offer a hair washing service for braid appointments, this allows us to effectively moisturize and prepare the hair for an easy install for the desired service.


$50 (relaxed hair)

$100 (natural hair)

However, if you prefer to wash your hair at home feel free to do so. All clients should wash and deep condition their hair a maximum of 3 days in advance. We also have deep treatment and protein treatment services available for an additional cost.

Do I need to make a down-payment?

Yes this will allow the stylist to comfortably book your appointment without replacing it. All payment options are seen on our online forms or you can send an email to [email protected] entitled “Payment Options”.

Is faux locs tight?

The traditional ones yes, braids are tension and we do not recommend this style to first time clients or persons who have a sensitive scalp.

How do I maintain my braids?

  • To sleep wrap hair in bun and cover with a silk wrap. If braids are too heavy leave braids down and use a silk cap.
  • Use rubber bands to tie hair up or back. It reduces tension on the hairline.
  • Moisten scalp and use hair boosters on the hairline.
  • When washing hair focus on the roots minimize wetting hair. We do not recommend applying heat on braids to dry, use heat on scalp, towel and air dry. Always try to wash hair early in the morning so it is completely dry by night.
  • When unloosing your hair detangle each plait individually and do not wet it until all hair is fully detangled. Use little oil at the roots to help loosen build up.

Do you do house calls?

Only for brides on their wedding day.

Can I only purchase goods via the website?

No, you can do in store purchases at the salon.

Do you have workshops?

Yes please see the education. We offer one on one and group sessions.

Can my appointment be rescheduled after making a deposit?

No, deposits are non transferable and non refundable.

Do you have parking?

Yes, in front and we have easy roadside parking.

Can I request a specific stylist?

A qualified stylist for the desired style will be assigned to you.

Do you supply hair?

Yes for most styles we have hair in stock or purchase the hair on request.

How long do itips last?

We recommend 2 months. But it can last 4 to 6 months with proper care.

What is the difference between keratin and silk press?

Keratin is a treatment that allows the hair to be shiny, smooth and stay straight.

Whereas, silk press is the act of pressing out your hair straight. After getting a keratin treatment you do not have to to silk press your hair.

Can I change my hairstyle after it is booked?


Does your keratin have formaldehyde in it?


Can I book my Carnival appointment in advance?

Yes. All carnival advance bookings have $150 fee attached that won’t be deducted from the cost of service. This is to reserve your spot only.