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Keratin Treatments

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The outer layer of your hair consists of keratin, a durable protein. A keratin smoothing treatment, then, applies a liquid version of this naturally occurring protein onto your strands, which will create a sleeker and smoother look. By cutting hair drying time by roughly half and improving the overall appearance of hair, keratin treatments are appealing for women tired of fighting the frizz and flyways of unruly hair. This treatment is perfect for persons who can no longer manage their very thick natural hair and wants to soften their texture without harsh chemicals.


Reduces blow-dry time.

No more frizzy hair and silk press last longer and stays silky.

Reduces knots and tangles when dealing with hair.

Allows you to wear your hair straight and have more manageable curls.

We usually use a four step program:
Stage 1. Wash natural hair 3 times
Stage 2. Treatment applied and sealed with heat
Stage 3. Keratin washed out 24 hours after, curl reduction through a smoothening process. (this can vary from 90 minutes to a maximum of 72 hours)
Stage 4 hair pressed out straight and will stay straight until wet. When hair is wet it will return to stage 3 hair texture. (optional)

This treatment and long term and should be done every 3-6 months.


Wash and deep condition hair every two weeks, only use sulphate-free shampoo.


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