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Premium Model


3 in stock


$4200 TTD/ $600USD 
Ships to Caribbean islands only
$75 usd Sea(7-10 business days)
$300 usd Air(3-5 Business days)
$25 usd Domestic shipping only (Trinidad & Tobago)

It is perfect for all salons, as it stores all necessary items in one neat and compact space.

This model is recommended for high end salons with a more sophisticated finish.

It will only be available in black. Customization of colours $100usd additional.

This model smaller, will be able to fit in tight spaces while also being a bit lighter and easier to move. This model is perfect for traveling stylists and persons who do house calls.

The laminate surface gives it even more protection from heat and water and makes it extremely durable and long lasting.

Benefits of the HBI Ergonomic workstation

1. Reduces injury risks and improves safety

2. Improves body positioning & consistency to ease stress on back muscles

3. Enhances body posture preventing backache and muscular pain

4. Limits pressure to nerves and muscles reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (e.g.,

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

5. Reduces extreme stress on arms and legs via design of easily accessible storage space

Improves Customer experience

1. On average, a 37% reduction in time spent per braiding hairstyle

2. On average, a 75% increase in clients’ comfort during styling time

3. Improves functionality

4. Provides professional layout for hairstylist with all tools and materials readily available

5. Creates maneuverability across salon floor

6. Offers high level of durability only requiring a change in materials every 5 years or more

Also available at; Mega Supplies, South Trinidad.

Serra hair heaven, Tunapuna Trinidad.

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