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The ‘Hair? Braid it!’ (HBI) manual Higher Definition (HD) is an improved and extended version of the manual published in 2017. It consists of six parts which together address hair care, hair-styling essentials, hair-styling techniques for natural hair, adding braid extensions and some fundamental steps for persons interested in starting a beauty business. This instructional manual, along with the HBI online classes and other workshops and courses, is an essential tool to help persons with their styling skills. It gives step-by-step instructions for the completion of braiding techniques including feed-in braiding, knotless braiding and passion twists. The manual also addresses current trending hair techniques such as silk pressing and invisible ponytails. The HBI manual HD is a compilation of techniques on paperback that the world needs and was designed with you in mind! Whether you are a student living abroad looking for skills to manage your own hair, a new hair stylist trying to jump start your creativity, a professional stylist who wants to own your own salon, or a cosmetology teacher interested in improving your curriculum, this manual will take you to the next level.
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The ‘Hair? Braid it!’ (HBI) manual Higher Definition (HD) consists of six parts which are listed below: A. Hair Care: Wash & Steam Techniques, Hair Drying Techniques & Hair Care for braids. B. Braid Style Essentials: Tools, Products, Braiding Hair descriptions & much more. C. Braiding Hair Techniques: Braid Parting Techniques, Knot-less braiding, Feed-in braiding & much more. D. HD Essentials: Tools, Equipment & Products. E. HD Hair Techniques: Silk press, Invisible Ponytails & Natural Hair Styling. F. Basics in Business: Salon Structure, Business Finances & much more. Owning an HBI manual HD allows you free entry into some of our online courses which are held throughout the year. Visit our website hairbraidit.com (training tab) for more information. This manual should take stylists from an intermediate to advanced level of salon styling.


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