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_MG_0897 igThe Pithecophaga Jefferyi- The Great Phillippine Eagle

This is the world’s largest eagle, the rarest and most powerful bird in the world. The Philippine Eagle possesses a creamy white belly and under wing whilst its wings and feathers are a rich chocolate-brown.

Gold- This colour represents success, achievement and triumph.  It is associated with abundance & prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance. Hair? Braid It! has grown significantly over the past five years from a small business that started off right in my mother’s living room. HBI is now recognized nationwide with a team of six, not to mention we have past students all the way in Barbados and clients in the USA.  At the salon we strive to maintain a standard of braid styles that are luxurious and sophisticated and we try to produce quality services. Therefore, gold plays a vital role in our celebration and it was incorporated into the costume.

Brown- This stylish and trendy colour signifies security, protection and comfort so naturally, it is used to represent our clients and students. We always want to provide a professional, yet comfortable and welcoming environment at the salon or when doing business, to ensure that the exchange between the client and the stylist is always an easy one.

White- This colour represents purity and it is the colour of perfection. This represents our hairstyles, as we are constantly trying to deliver perfect and complete styles that represent a brand that can be trusted by all women.


_MG_0903 IG

Package includes


HBI cup

Gold hoop earrings & cuff bracelet

Cost: $500TTD


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