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HBI Manual




$200 TTD
Free Domestic shipping only (Trinidad and Tobago)

A book written to discuss all aspects of braiding, which includes products, installing, tools, professionalism & much more.

This book is intended to introduce hair stylists not only to the practical aspect of braiding, but also
the professional and theoretical background of braiding. After extensive research and practice at the
Hair? Braid it! salon we discovered that there is more to braiding than just installing a plait. This book
was developed to share knowledge, with hopes of standardizing the braiding industry and creating a
professional atmosphere. The manual features step by step instructions on the major braiding
techniques of trends of today, alongside detailed pictures. This book is devoted to providing step by
step instructions and tips to help anyone interested in perfecting their braiding skill. The Manual
focuses on three major techniques such as plaits, twists and cornrows. It has detailed information
about portions, products and how to become a professional braid stylist. It was launched April 2017
and has already sold over 250 copies in one year, with a 4.4 start review rating on amazon.

Also available in RIK bookstores and at the HBI salon

In the event they cannot get the book from me there are two alternative ways:

Buy Now on Amazon  Buy Now at Book Baby

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