Best Hair Stylist in Trinidad - Denisha, Hair Braid It

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When I reflect on my journey as a hair stylist, it’s clear that Hair?Braid it! is where I am meant to be. I first started braiding hair at the age of 12, and immediately I loved it. There was an immediate feeling of excitement and accomplishment when I finished my first hairstyle which I still experience to this day with each happy client that walks out the salon doors.

My first style was the basic braid base cornrows. However, it wasn’t until my younger sister began asking about other styles such as Senegalese twists, that I realized the extensive library of braiding styles that existed. Fast forward a few years, and I just happened to attend a Hair?Braid it! course, not as a student but as a hair model! There I met Miss Hair?Braid It! herself, Miss Afiya Hopson who was teaching the very style my sister inquired about years ago, Senegalese twists. In the class, although I was only a “hair mannequin” I was able to sit and learn about the technique behind the style so much so that I began practicing on my younger sister. I slowly built the confidence to begin practicing on my sister to other family and close friends. Then they started referring others so I created my own little clientele.

I remember the day clearly that I received a phone call from a close friend informing me that Hair? Braid It! had an opening for a new stylist and she encouraged me to apply. In less than a week, I applied for the position and the rest was history. I’ve been a part of the Hair?Braid It! team since  December. 2016 and I’ve loved every moment of it. One of the main reasons I get I’m able to get out of bed every morning and work with these women is the sense of teamwork and togetherness we have in the saloon. Afiya even made it clear to me during my interview process saying the exact words “We are a team at Hair? Braid it! ” and it has been a joy to experience that each and every day. Since joining Hair?Braid It! I’ve been able to truly explore and learn the different forms, styles and techniques of braiding, I’ve become a better hair stylist and business woman, my clientele has expanded multiple times over and most importantly I have fun doing something I love with ladies who uplift and mentor me each day.


  • Twists
  • Crochet Braids
  • Box Braids
  • Inside Cornrows
  • Natural Hairstyles
  • Feed in Cornrows
  • Interlocking and Styling Ras
  • Sweaving
  • Ghana Cornrows